Video camera pipe inspections reduce the need to disturb lawns and yards to determine a problem in a home's septic and plumbing systems. Much like an endoscope that's inserted down the esophagus, a camera is attached to a snake and inserted down the pipes to enable a plumber to discover problems. The camera can see clogs, roots and other damage to the pipe and the septic system. The plumber sees what the camera sees via a small monitor or an eye lens. This eliminates any guess work.

The camera can also find pipes that are in the foundation, underground or in the walls of the home. Home inspectors also use video cameras to inspect new pipes to makes sure they're working properly.

The video camera not only finds clogs and trouble spots in the pipes, but it can tell which kind of pipe is in use. Some pipes can be out of code for the area or aren't appropriate for waste lines. Even if there's no problem found during the inspection, the camera can see which areas in the pipes might become troublesome in the future. This might be a juncture where tree roots can push their way in over time.

After the clog or damage has been rectified, the camera can also be inserted to make sure that the job has been thoroughly done.

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