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Septic Systems

A septic system is used by homeowners whose waste lines don't empty into a municipal sewer system. Because of this, it's crucial for a homeowner to make sure that the septic system is well maintained and in good working order. A septic system that's destroyed needs to be dug up and replaced and this can cost tens of thousands of dollars. TP Trezza Contracting will gladly inspect their customer's septic system and pump it out if necessary. This will keep it working efficiently.

The septic tank is usually made out of concrete and is buried in a spot under the lawn. It provides a place for anaerobic bacteria to digest waste. Anaerobic bacteria, by the way, are bacteria that don't need oxygen to survive.

When the bacteria digest the waste, it separates into sludge that settles to the bottom of the tank and a liquid effluent. A layer of scum floats on top of this effluent. The liquid eventually flows into a distribution box, and then it flows into rows of perforated pipes in a drainage field that's made out of sand and gravel. Here some of the liquid, which is relatively harmless, evaporates or sinks harmlessly into the ground.

If it's not pumped out, the sludge can accumulate to the point where it goes through the outflow pipe, through the distribution box and into the drainage field. It not only clogs the gravel bed but can erupt to the surface. In that case, the gravel bed is contaminated and poses a health hazard. It will need to be replaced.

Ideally, a house's septic system should be cleaned every two or so years. While there are homeowners who brag that they haven't had trouble with their septic system in the ten or twenty years that they've lived in their home, it's never a good idea to allow a septic tank to go that long without a cleaning! Additionally, we offer inspecting services for real estate transactions, and we also offer design, installations, and repairs of septic systems for both residential and commercial applications. Call us. TP Trezza Contracting can do it all!